Auto Express provides fast, honest automotive services at low prices

It shouldn't be hard to find an honest mechanic.  So, we set out to open service centers with the goal of changing the way people think about mechanics.  We win business by informing and educating rather than pressure selling or using scare tactics.  We never recommend unnecessary repairs, services or "snake oil" products.  Our success depends on developing relationships and giving customers the confidence to refer friends and loved ones to us.

Your time is important.  We employ a work flow that enables quality work in a fraction of time it takes other shops.  For example, the majority of our brake services are completed within one hour, as opposed to one whole day.  For jobs that require more time, we even offer loan vehicles free of charge.

Low prices shouldn't mean low quality.  Auto Express operates on a philosophy that's (unfortunately) uncommon in our industry.  Our philosophy: By providing quality service and parts with complete honesty, we're able to offer lower prices.  How?  Auto shops can expect to lose 50% of their customers.  So, it becomes necessary to spend thousands or even tens of thousands in advertising every month to attract new customers.  Auto Express consistently maintains a repeat business rate of 80% or higher!  As a result, our advertising budget is a fraction of typical service centers'.  Additionally, instead of maximizing profit by using cheaper parts, we select parts based on quality.  The small premium we spend in cost of parts is regained by eliminating costly "come-backs" or warranty visits due to parts defect.